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Spot On® Products

Treadmill Belt Lubricant

THE ORIGINAL PATENTED 8-inch extension applicator, is designed with a straight and stiff tube to reach under the belt for easy full-width belt lubrication without needing to loosen the belt. Each controllable squeeze bottle of treadmill lubricant comes with 2 dispensing options, both caps specifically chosen to match the silicone viscosity for ideal flow control.

UNIVERSAL 100% SILICONE TREADMILL BELT LUBRICANT formulated for a wide range of modern treadmills. PROTECT YOUR EQUIPMENT FROM COSTLY REPAIRS by reducing friction between the belt and deck.


INNOVATIVE DAUBER TOP allows for easy lubrication of foosball rods with no drip, no spray, and no mess. 100% SILICONE ROD LUBRICANT formulated for use on most modern foosball tables.

High viscosity, long-lasting, advanced formula works great for both home and heavy-duty commercial tables, without damaging the bearings and bumpers like oil-based lubricants.

ENHANCES PLAY by reducing friction between the rod and the bearings, eliminating hesitation and increasing performance.

Versa Oil

4 fluid ounces of ADVANCED SYNTHETIC LUBRICANT. This fully synthetic all purpose oil is engineered to outperform traditional lubricants.

The molecular structure of Versa Oil gives it a WIDER TEMPERATURE RANGE than other common lubricants. This helps to prevent sludge from building up over time and keeps your equipment functioning smoothly. PUT IT RIGHT WHERE IT COUNTS.

The strategically matched needle, bottle, and lubricant combination gives the user ULTIMATE CONTROL, allowing them to APPLY OIL ACCURATELY without making a mess. Ensures that critical and hard to reach components receive proper lubrication. Ideal set up for lubricating fishing reels, clocks, tools, knives, sewing machines, and any equipment where lubricating with accuracy is key.

Club Wash – Concentrated Golf Club Cleaning Solution

Easy-to-use concentrate: just mix the 4 ounces of concentrate with a gallon of water to make a cleaner to fill your spray bottles, golf brushes and caddies.

Specifically formulated for golf grime and grass stains. Removes dirt from the grooves in the club which increases control and spin, thereby improving ball flight.

Efficiently cleans clubs without harsh scrubbing or soaking. Preserves club integrity and appearance and simplifies club maintenance routine for golfers of all levels

Club Shine – Premium Golf Club Polish

Boost Golfing Experience – The sensation of playing with clubs that feel as if they’ve just rolled off the assembly line is unmatched! Using our premium golf club polish to meticulously buff your golf clubs will instill a renewed sense of confidence in your game.

Enhance the Resale Value of Your Clubs – Whether contemplating a future sale or not, utilizing our premium golf club polish ensures that your golf clubs maintain their value.

User-Friendly Application – Effortlessly restore your clubs’ luster by applying a modest amount of polish onto your club head. Gently buff the clubs to unveil a polished finish, making the process straightforward and efficient.

Gentle on Clubs – Our specialized formulation for golf clubs guarantees a safe and effective polishing experience. Free from any harmful chemicals or abrasives, it safeguards your clubs from potential damage, ensuring their longevity and optimal performance.

Spin Fix – Golf Anti-Slice/Anti-Hook Compound for Clubs 

Effortless application: Apply directly to the face of your club. Use for mid-game modifications to adjust your ball flight and lower your score.

Reduces adverse spin: Enjoy longer, straighter shots with improved ball control. Helps with hook and slice reduction to get you on the green faster. Formulated for Finding Fairways.

Enhances club performance: Elevate your game by increasing club contact and reducing unwanted spin. Straightens and lengthens your shots. Helps you find the fairway more often and the green in fewer strokes.

Pouring Oil

APPLICATION NEEDLE allows you to apply exactly the amount of oil you want in your paint mix with precision. The TWO (2) INCLUDED CAPS, one with an APPLICATION NEEDLE and one a TWIST YORKER cap, coupled with the easy squeeze bottle provide the ultimate in control. No messy pipette or dropper necessary.

4 oz of 100% PURE SILICONE pouring oil. Clear, odor free, and non-toxic. No additives or diluents. Four fluid ounces.

MADE FOR SERIOUS ARTISTS out of a viscosity of pure silicone that is ideal for flow in paints. Not too thick or too runny. COMPATIBLE with all mediums used in acrylic fluid art. TESTED by and REQUESTED by acrylic painters. Inspired by users of our 100% Silicone Spot On Treadmill Lubricant. The 4 fl oz bottle allows for hundreds of applications.

Clear Line

Patented design ensures SECURE CONNECTION between hot water reservoir and 36 inches of firm but flexible tubing. Allows for optimal flow control using a SAFE and SECURE CONNECTION.

LARGE RESERVOIR to hold enough hot water to complete the repair job. NO NEED TO STRUGGLE with suctioning hot water into the tube and a syringe. Simply fill the 4 oz squeezable bottle with hot tap water, attach the top, and attack (and fix) the problem. FIRM YET FLEXIBLE TUBING easily threads through your water tubing to get directly to the ice blockage. 36 inches to allow deep penetration if necessary.

SECURE ATTACHMENT ensures that the bottle and tubing remain attached throughout the repair process. SAFE and EASY TO USE. Made in the USA and sold by an American company.

Hackle Armour Premium Silicone Fly Floatant

Spot On’s fly floatants are packaged in the industry standard containers, ½ ounce bottle capped with a ribbed black cone top, so they will fit most caddies. Our floatants are environmentally safe and leave no oil slicks. 

Comparable to Aquel or Orvis HY-FLOTE™ our next generation silicon-based, temperature-stable floatant, Premium Silicone Fly Floatant, maintains a constant light gel-like viscosity through a wide temperature range. This formulation is our best selling floatant and is sought after by professional guides. A great all-around floatant recommended for dry flies and for yarn strike indicators. Not recommended for CDC flies.

Hackle Armour Dry Fly Classic Dressing

Spot On’s fly floatants are packaged in the industry standard containers, ½ ounce bottle capped with a ribbed black cone top, so they will fit most caddies. Our floatants are environmentally safe and leave no oil slicks. 

Comparable to Gink®our classic non-silicone-based floatant, Dry Fly Classic Dressing, floats flies longer than silicone-based gels. This clear paste liquefies at body temperature and becomes a semi-solid again when immersed in cold water, repelling moisture from your dry flies or streamers. This floatant has a human odor scent mask, is environmentally safe, and leaves no oil slicks. Not recommended for CDC flies.

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